Religion on the net

It’s amazing how fast world has changed in a few short years. Advancements in technology have changed the way we do many everyday things. This is also relevant for religion and praying. These days we can get access to religion in so many different ways. With the age of the Internet, God and religion are only a mouse click away.

Going back to the start of Christianity, the only way to learn about Jesus and his teachings was by word of mouth. Disciples of Christ would travel around the world spreading the news of Jesus and the miracles he performed. Crowds would gather together in towns and villages to listen to the parables and stories of Jesus and his followers. The crowds would be filled with inspiration and hope from the stories and many of them would be converted to the teachings of Christ.

For disciples it was a very dangerous time, persecution was rife, often ending in death or physical punishment. Disciples bringing news of love and freedom and hope to oppressed and poor people was not looked upon favourably by rulers in those days.

As time passed, monks and priests were able to capture the words of Jesus into books. These books were then used to teach the world around. This allowed a consistent story of Christ to be spread around the world. The drawbacks of this of course are that only a small number of the books can be created at a time. These manuscripts were works of art created by monks to exude the word of God. Still, access to the information was only for those who could read and the church, monks and priests still were the only people really able to spread the word of God.

With the invention of the printing press by Guttenberg, mass produced books were possible. The mass printing of books, it became quite popular to learn how to read. With a population better able to read, the word of God became accessible to much more people. Not only was the Bible able to be kept in people’s houses, other books about the teachings of Christ were able to be produced. This opened the world up to discussing the word of God and the implications of his teachings.

The next great invention that change the way the teachings of Christ could be read was the Internet. This exploded the information age and made the word of God accessible to everyone with an Internet connection and a computer. This allowed ordinary people to discuss the word of God and to publish the reviews on blogs and Internet sites. This is fundamentally taken the word of God out of the hands of the church and put it into the hands of ordinary people it has changed the way we consume in practice religion.

Nowadays there are many sites that discuss prayers and give sample prayers of the faithful to inspire people to pray. There are other sites that offer guidance and opinions on teachings in prayers many of these sites are created by ordinary people, inspired by the word of God, to share with other people.

We have seen that sharing the word of God has evolved from word of mouth to ornate manuscripts to compact books and now to the World Wide Web. As the method of delivery of the teachings of Christ has evolved, so let the people who deliver it and the methods to consumers. The teachings of Jesus are now open to all who have the technology to consumers delivered by ordinary Christians as Jesus would have wanted it.

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